Saturday, August 29, 2015

Toyota Vios 2017

New Toyota Vios 2017 makes one step ahead from the other city cars. Even though many people state that Vios has similar design with Honda City, but finally Vios shows its true specialty. Vios seems have the eagerness of becoming the improvement from the last year’s car, but actually Vios 2017 already has satisfied the customers of Toyota with its advantage.

Vios 2017 comes in two variants: E and G. The E grade is the basic type with its standard features. Mean while, the G grade is consisted from fine equipments and more integrated technology. The E and G grades have different price and also its own advantages. Vios 2017 is one of the reliable city cars that are suitable to your journey in the modern world. Moreover, Vios 2017 comes from one of the successful automaker in the world, Toyota; that also has successfully maintained the trust from its customers all over the world. This impressive city car will not let you down because the new generation of Vios has offered fresh and new features. Besides, its reliability and fuel efficiency also make it as the most famous vehicle in Philippines.

The E and G have some similarities and differences in some parts of this city car. The same as the other city cars on your city today, the E and G grade from New Toyota Vios 2017 have the indicators that can be found on the reversible side mirrors, standard fog lamp, and door lock functions. Different from the E grade, the G grade has an “acoustic front widescreen” that has the ability to abolish the noise from outside. It’s useful for you who want to experience the smooth drive on this city car.
However, Toyota seems hasn’t embraced the reverse camera technology. As the result, the reverse camera cannot be found both in the E and G grade of Vios 2017. For some drivers, perhaps this can be disappointed because the reverse camera really helps when they want to park the car. In addition, still in the G grade, there is the air conditioning system, 60:40 split rear seats that are comfortable for whoever stays inside this city car, multi-function steering, and also the basic audio system. However, the gear stick is a little bit fragile on the manual option.
The dial screens are also installed at the driver side, different from the last year’s car. In addition, there are also a tachometer rev counter and blue-ring backlit speedometer where you can find the useful information about the car, such as the car’s fuel consumption, odometer, and the other basic data. Also, the dashboard of this city car also makes you easier to see the front side of the car.

Both the E and the G grade have 4-cylinder in-line, 16 Valves, and DOHC with VVT-i in its engine type, and also 1497 as their capacities. New Toyota Vios 2017 is considered as the city cars with fuel efficiency, despite its impressive designs and durable engine. Both of the grades’ top speed is 170 km/h with 42 as the fuel tank capacity. The old features are still used by Toyota because it already becomes the customers’ belief based on the proof that the cars from Toyota are usually durable and efficient. Moreover, you can find the spare parts of the cars from Toyota in many automotive stores with the cheaper price than any other brands.

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