Wednesday, August 26, 2015

New Suzuki Shift 2016

Suzuki is ready to launch one of their next future cars that is called Suzuki Swift 2016. This car is prepared to give something special to attract buyers. It is mentioned that the car has a new concept in order to offer something different including the features once it is launched by Suzuki. There are many rumors and information mentioned that the engine for this new version will offer you more options and the most noticeable change is the powertrain. Some interesting designs will support the cabin such as the seating and dashboard. The bodydesign will be refreshed for its appearance.

Suzuki Swift 2016 is planned to be released on 2016 with some possible changes below. We think that this information is still accurate because it is gained from some reliable sources.

Suzuki Swift 2016 Specs and Changes 

It is claimed that this new version will offer powerful engine for buyers. At this time, it is only predicted that the car will get a new advanced engine compared to the previous model. It is mentioned by some reliable sources that the new engine for this car is hybrid of electric powertrain to offer eco-friendly concept. Suzuki Swift 2016 with this engine is quite possible to offer higher speed with economical energy usage.

Next is about the bodywork that will be more aerodynamic and even cooler than before. It is reported that the car will get larger lamp design to give brighter lighting assist. In addition, it is also coming out with strong front grille design that is quite amazing and more masculine than before which could be a plus for Suzuki Swift 2016.

Inside, Suzuki Swift 2016 has something great to offer and the main prior for the official is about giving more comfort for both driver and passenger. This car has large and comfortable seating without eating much space inside. With the large space, the car could help your family to enjoy the ride without having any issue with the space. Around the dashboard, it is featured with clear and advanced HUD design to display some information such as the speedometer and fuel status.

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