Sunday, June 27, 2010

R35 GT-R 900bhp

Nissan, when releasing the R35 GT-R, stated that it would be both “perfect” and “untunable.” Many see it as the perfect performance tool, but the untunable bit has been disproved by a number of tuning firms, one of them being Ohio-based Switzer Performance which produced 800 hp from the standard GT-R.

However, in tunerworld, no one is ever satisfied with their accomplishments. So Switzer’s P800 GT-R went to the gym for some bulking up, with 900 hp as result! But there is a twist this time, and it comes in the form of its fuel source: ethanol E85.

Yes, this 900 hp monster feeds on biofuel, which produces much less greenhouse gas than gasoline. “With most high-horsepower cars, you can barely breathe after just a few dyno runs. With the E85, we were able to run pull after pull to dial in the tune without feeling any effects of the usual emissions. It’s hardly scientific, but there was a noticeable improvement in the air quality in the shop compared to race gas,” Tym Switzer said.

Switzer modified the fuel system to handle E85 and significantly increased the size of the injectors. 900 hp was deemed too much for the standard gearbox, so a specially developed transmission was crafted by Dodson Motorsports of New Zealand with “more clutch area.”

No price and performance figures were given, except for acceleration from 96 km/h to 209 km/h, which is ridiculously fast at under 6 seconds!

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