Saturday, October 10, 2009

Volkswagen Golf R and Scirocco R

Can’t decide between a Scirocco R or a Mk6 Golf R? This promo video featuring both the cars won’t help you make that decision – both look equally good painted in the same blue colour scheme having a bit of fun on a race track.

Personally in terms of design I’m kinda leaning towards the Mk6 Golf R instead. How about you? That’s besides the fact of course that the Golf R actually has an all-wheel drive system while the Scirocco R still have to put everything through the front wheels.

With every generation there’s supposed to be improvements all-round but I think one definite part where the Mk5 R32 has an edge over the new Mk6 R is the fact that the R32 probably sounds so much better – there is just so far that a 4 pot can go. Wonder why they didn’t lump the 5-cylinder from the TT-RS into this baby instead.

source from paul yong

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