Sunday, July 12, 2009

Honda FR-V ?

The Honda FR-V (or Honda Edix as it is also sometimes known by) will cease production by August, ending a typical 5 year Japanese model run. It will not be replaced as Honda says other models are able to serve its customer base well, but the FR-V is really quite unique in the Honda range.

It’s a 3+3 seater (likely inspired by the Fiat Multipla), which means two rows but the ability to seat 6 as you can fit three in the front thanks to a seat in the middle. This seat can also be folded down to create a tray or arm rest. There are 32 different seating combinations, three ISOFIX points, lots of storage areas, so it makes quite a nice family vehicle.

In Malaysia, there are alot of people who buy the FR-V and pimp it up like it was a larger Honda Jazz. Looking rather sporty to begin with, it’s a good base for aesthetic mods.

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