Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Suzuki Kizashi

The media blitz about Suzuki canceling its D-segment Suzuki Kizashi earlier this week was fueled by Japanese business daily The Nikkei. Now it appears that the show will go on, and the Kizashi will go on as scheduled to make a production debut at the 2009 New York Auto Show in April 2009! As for when a showroom debut will happen, that will happen at the show in April.

The Nikkei’s sources must have made a mistake somewhere, but they’re not to blame for believing it’s true! During this time where the market is shifting towards smaller and fuel efficient cars, Suzuki who is an expert at building small cars wants to come up with a large car in a segment that it has absolutely no presence in. Will anyone take a chance to buy something so distant and unfamiliar in that range of cars in this time and day?

source from paultan.org

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Yaiza said...

That car!! O.o cool xD