Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Nissan GTR, minor update for 2009

While we wait patiently for the even faster GT-R V-Spec to roll out of Nissan’s garages, they’ve gone ahead and performed a few minor updates on the “baseline” GT-R. New for the 2009 model year is an extra 5 PS from the engine, bringing the peak power up to 485 PS. It is however more economical, rated at 8.5km/l instead of the previous 8.2km/l. You can also go further per tank of fuel as the fuel tank size has been increased from 71 liters to 73.8 liters. The white paint is now a new shade called Storm White. Other minor changes include the Brembo brake calipers in front losing their Brembo logo and replaced with Nissan wordings, and the removal of the front license plate holder base.

source from paultan.org

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