Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Toyota Displays Its Largest Beijing Show Lineup Ever

TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION (TMC) announced today that it is displaying a total of 50 production and concept vehicles at the 2008 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition, held from today until April 28 at the new China International Exhibition Center in Beijing, China.

The display—aimed at responding to the rapidly diversifying Chinese market—is the largest and most-varied Toyota/Lexus exhibit ever at the biannual Beijing event. Production models shown include the compact Yaris (to be built in Guangzhou, China from the end of May) and the new Vios and Lexus LX570 SUV, both introduced in China earlier this year. The most-ever concept cars on display for Toyota/Lexus at the Beijing show—seven, including six appearing in China for the first time, such as the iQ compact and the personal mobility i-REAL, indicate Toyota's direction regarding the environment and energy diversification.

The display also highlights advances in environmental and safety technologies, with cutaway models of the Prius and LS600h hybrids and the GOA (Global Outstanding Assessment) collision-safety body represented by a crash-tested Camry and Crown, models that both received a five-star safety rating under the C-NCAP (China New Car Assessment Program) introduced in 2006.

In addition, at a press conference at the show today, TMC President Katsuaki Watanabe elaborated on Toyota's vision and initiatives for contributing to the achievement of sustainable mobility in China and elsewhere.


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