Sunday, May 04, 2008

Nissan 360: the Otti and the Moco

Kei cars. To know them is to love them, or to tower over them in Gulliver-like wonder. Both the iridescent colored Moco and Otti feature the 0.66-liter engines common to the Kei class, meaning each also boasts 54 thundering mares beneath their ridiculously tiny hoods. Once up to speed, they run nicely, and they're pretty quiet. But these are not cars to take when you're late for anything.

They have lots of room inside and enough controls to operate them on public roads. They are both fine cars. The Otti adds to that with a chic little IP featuring good looking materials and colors, a power rear sliding door on the passenger side that you can open from the driver's seat, a seriously neat set of cupholders, and the world's smallest tailpipe

Regarding the Moco, a rebadged Suzuki MR Wagon, Nissan says "the current generation model features a stylish exterior and interior." The Otti is Nissan's version of the Mitsubishi eK Wagon. It's described as a minicar "for daily living," and "has experienced extremely strong sales in the Japanese market." Yes. What they said.

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