Thursday, April 24, 2008

Luxury meets sporty, Accord-ing to Honda. 8th Generation Honda.

Honda Malaysia today launched its all-new 8th generation Accord. The car, which is a completely new model and shares no similarities in design and technology with its predecessor, is available in three variant forms.
Potential Accord owners will have three engine options to choose from – an enhanced 154bhp 2.0l SOHC and a 177bhp 2.4l DOHC i-VTEC as well as a 271bhp 3.5l V6 i-VTEC version with VCM (Variable Cylinder Management).

The Variable Cylinder Management system switches between six, four or three cylinders based on driving situations. It helps to reduce fuel consumption and maintains performance at any driving speeds, be it hill ascends or city cruising.

The new Accord is a far sharper looking offering than its predecessor, with a forward-thrusting nose the immediate highlight. At once more muscular, the bigger and wider Accord was developed along four concepts - a car that is powerful to drive, provides comfort, meets world safety standards and is able to provide maximum fuel efficiency.
In terms of interior space, this is the most spacious Accord ever. The cabin offers a 3.2% increase in passenger volume over the old, and side to side distance between driver and front passenger has been widened by 40mm; likewise the leg room at the rear, longer by 35mm. The cargo area length has also been increased by 54mm.

The Accord may have grown chunkier, but it’s also stiffer as well - the use of high tensile steel has increased from 39% in the outgoing model to 48% here.

Attention has continued to be paid to handling, of course. The floor height has been lowered by 15mm, and the fuel tank and engine also sit lower; the car also features higher front and rear roll centers.
Elsewhere, an onboard Shift Hold Control system helps to prevent unneeded gear up-shifts during prolonged winding road environments, adding more responsiveness to the engine. There’s a Variable Gear Ratio (VGR) steering system as well, offering precise and good response to steering input.

Performance would be meaningless without safety assurance on the Accord. The new body design incorporates Honda’s Advanced Compatibility Engineering (ACE) structure, and extension of the G-Force Control (G-Con) technology.

In a nutshell, the Accord’s body cleverly disperses front, rear and side collision impacts over a larger surface, limiting cabin intrusion effectively, minimising injuries to its occupants.
The protection of the Accord’s body is further enhanced with airbags all around the cabin. The 2.0l and 2.4l models feature dual airbags and four airbags respectively, while the 3.5l version has an advanced six airbag system – two side curtain airbags, two sets of front dual stage airbags and two side airbags with Occupant Position Detection System (OPDS).

On the 2.4l and the 3.5l models, Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) prevents lateral skidding and promotes stability whilst cornering. These also get a paddle shift gear system as well as a premium audio system.

It's an environmentally-friendly vehicle as well - the Accord is Euro 4 emissions compliant, and materials with reduced Violatile Organic Compounds are used extensively in the Accord’s interior fittings.
The all-new Accord is available in five colours – Polished Metal Metallic, Bold Beige Metallic, Nighthawk Black Pearl, Sparkle Gray Pearl, and Alabaster Silver Metallic.

The 2.0 VTi is priced at RM141,800, while the 2.4 VTi-L goes for RM171,800.. The awesome 3.5l V6 option retails for RM249,800 (all prices are on-the-road, with insurance), and all come with a three-year warranty or 100,000km and six months free service or the first 10,000km (whichever comes first for both).

There’s also a Modulo accessories package consisting of front and rear splitters, side skirts and a trunk spoiler, which can be yours for an additional RM5,300.
Honda Malaysia aims to achieve a sales target of 600 units a month for the Accord.

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