Wednesday, March 05, 2008

2008 Mugen Honda Fit F154SC

I’m sure alot of you will remember the Mugen Fit Dynamite, one of the most desirable examples of a tuned up Honda Fit (called the Honda Jazz in our market) out there. The Mugen Fit Dynamite had under its hood a high revving K20A engine similiar to the unit in the Civic Type R and Integra Type R. Sometime later, Mugen released an orange devil called the Mugen Fit Spec D Prototype, which had its 1.5 liter SOHC VTEC L15A engine boosted to 145 horsepower with a supercharger.

Now that the second generation 2008 Honda Fit has been released, Mugen naturally had to reapply the Spec D concept to this new edition of the Fit. The Mugen Fit F154SC Concept was displayed at the 2008 Tokyo Auto Salon. The L15A engine which already made 120 PS in the new Fit had a supercharger slapped on to produce 150 PS at 6,600rpm and 185Nm of torque at 3,800rpm.

An aggressive bodykit complete with 17 inch wheels wrapped with Bridgestone Potenza RE050 tyres in 215/40R17 size completes the the Mugen Fit F154SC Concept.

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