Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Zhuang Mei Mei & Cars

SHE'S quite a regular on the airwaves, appearing in local Chinese dramas and TV commercials. You can catch her in the Chinese drama Love Is All Around on ntv7 Mondays to Thursdays at 9.45pm. Before Love Is All Around, she acted in another Chinese drama Falling in Love, also on ntv7.

In Love Is All Around, Eunice plays Zhuang Mei Mei, a typical tough single career woman who begins to show her feminine side in falling for a guy.

Leverage: Eunice’s business degree has come in useful in helping her run a spa consultancy.Eunice is also a health nut who runs her own spa consultancy.

But the one thing that hasn't changed much in the last nine years for Eunice, the Miss Malaysia Chinese International 2001 first runner-up, is her Perodua Kancil.

She bought the car in 1999 after graduating with an Australian business degree from the Charles Sturt University and had been using it since.

While most people start out their working lives with small cars or hand-me-downs before moving on to better things, Eunice was quite contented with the little 850cc hatchback with manual transmission.

With current high fuel prices and further increases looming, the Kancil, with its super low fuel consumption, is definitely a relevant vehicle for the times – besides being able to park in the tightest of spots.

However, the heavy running around to meet her business clients and for TV drama shooting, has somewhat taken its toll on the Kancil.

The car has started to show its age, with fading paintwork and more visits to the workshop.
“My parents have started nagging me again to get a new car.

“Besides, they say a businesswoman and well-known artiste should be seen driving better cars,” the slim 30-something tells StarMotoring Magazine with a wide smile.

“I am keen to get a reliable model which is quite stylish but give good fuel consumption,” said the chatty and energetic lass who hails from Setapak, Kuala Lumpur.

She's quite taken in with the idea of petrol-electric hybrid cars such as the Honda Civic Hybrid, which are more economical and environmentally friendlier but knows that it costs somewhat at the moment.

We passed the keys to the trendy-looking Volkswagen CrossPolo five-door hatchback, courtesy of Volkswagen Group Malaysia to Eunice.

First thing to strike her was the 17-inch alloy wheels – which she found an immediate attention-getter besides the bright lime green body colour.

Driving the 1.6-litre hatchback around the Bukit Kiara and Sri Hartamas area, Eunice was impressed with the handling of the CrossPolo although she finds the ride much firmer than her Kancil.

“The interior mix of dark with bright lime green gives the inside a very youngish and stylish appearance.
“Although the car looks compact from the outside, the CrossPolo is quite roomy inside,” she added.

Priced at RM124,888, the CrossPolo costs more than other non-European cars of the same engine size and would definitely be a choice for those wanting something different, says Eunice.
“I might consider the car if it's cheaper. I still need to invest in my business.”

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