Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Tata 1-Lakh Car to use Bosch Value Motronic

Bosch’s new Value Motronic is a new engine management platform for gasoline-powered engines, aimed to provide maximum functionality at minimum cost. What Bosch has done is cut down the use of sensors, injectors, and other hardware, instead using more intelligent software to make up for the reduction in sensors.

The Bosch Value Motronic is one of the key items to scale down the cost of the new Tata 1 Lakh car, which Tata calls the People’s Car. The cheap, no-nonsense car will be built using re-engineered plastics and modern adhesives, and is aimed at converting India’s many motorcycle users to something with 4 wheels and a roof, which will ultimately benefit them as it is much safer.

The car’s 660cc engine (expect to produce 30 to 35hp) will not only use Bosch’s Value Motronic ECU but sources say the engine itself will be built by Bosch, who has just setup Bosch India by investing Rs 850 crore (RM 710 million) into its Indian operations previously known as Mico Bosch. Total investment in India by the German automotive technology company will reach Rs 2,650 crore (RM 2.2 billion) by 2010.

Those who have seen the 4-seater car describe it as a small jellybean shaped car, and our very own talented Theophilus Chin has whipped up a very nice artist’s impression (shown above) which will have to do until the car is unveiled at the Delhi Motor Show on Thursday!

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