Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Ford Verve Sedan

Ford’s new Ford Verve Sedan Concept has been updated in its Detroit 2008 incarnation, and now features a new front fascia with a larger upper grille and new “more conservative” taillamps, if such a term could ever be used for a concept vehicle.

Ford confirms that North America will receive a new series of small cars as even the gas-guzzling American market is slowly moving towards small and fuel efficient cars now, rather than the likes of Lincoln Navigators. The first of the small cars will be a 4-door sedan based on this concept.

The new small cars are targetted at folks whom Ford calls “Mellennials”. These “Millenials” are a group of people aged 13 to 28 years, and will represent 28% of the US total population by 2010. They embrace eco-friendliness stay in constant touch using modern technology and demand best-in-class products from around the world.

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