Monday, January 14, 2008

Buying cars from Parallel Importer (PI)

Buying cars from PI could be a risk. Although PI vehicle can help the buyer to save on few thousand for the exact model of cars, beside, PI like to throw in some freebies that other major car dealer unable to do so. For example, PI car come with more feature than the non-PI cars. These feature could be GPS, auto-side mirror, body-kit, sport seat and many more.

However, consumers need to know the following risk:-
1) PI cars do not come with warranty. Saving few thousands and forgo the 3 years warranty, consumer need to evaluate themselves the level of risk they can accept. For example, you may save $3000 buying a $90000 car, and in the event within three years, your car has any problem, you bear the $90000 risk. Usually PI will mention that they will provide the warranty, but consumer needs to understand that the warranty is provided by PI but not the car manufacturer. It depends on how you trust the word of PI, which in most cases when there are serious engine problem, the issue being brought to CASE. Not to forget that PI can be S$2 company and can close down any time.

2) Long Spare Parts waiting time. All cars sure have spare parts, I agree. But how soon you can get the spare parts? PI may not have capital to carry the parts, and they usually do not have own workshop and even they do, it is quite challenging for them to carry all spare parts to all cars model they selling. So, in the event if you need spare part for your car, you may need for them to order from the manufacturing country (Japan, Europe and etc) to courier the part to Singapore and install for you. I have heard of cases where the consumer need to wait for 1.5 months to get their car windscreen to get replaced.

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