Wednesday, December 12, 2007

New Proton BLM Spyshot

See Pic in SingaporeDrift Forum -

These shots (posted with permission) of the upcoming Saga/Iswara Replacement Model, the Proton BLM was shot by ephique74. If anything, it reveals to us one of the colour options available for the new Proton BLM, a turquoise-ish colour similar to the one available with the new iPod Nano.

We can see a little detail of how the front bumper will look like. This model doesn’t seem to have any foglamps, but since it is a test unit is not really indicative of whether the final product line-up will have a model that comes equipped with fog lamps. The headlamps look like they are reflectors instead of projectors, which isn’t surprising as this is a baseline budget model.

Tug-type door handles instead of the normal lift-up type gives the occupant more flexibility on how he wants to open the door - gripping from the bottom or from the top, which will be useful if he is carrying things.

There are also other spyshots floating around in email forwards which show a little of the interior of the car but I am unable to post it here as I do not know who the photographer is, so I am unable to obtain permission to post. If you look around the usual forums you’ll probably be able to see it posted up.

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