Thursday, November 08, 2007

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Advertise with is one of the newest online automotive community in Singapore. The goals to attract and retain visitors of all car owners and enthusiasts in Singapore and subsequently target to Malaysia. With the highly potential growth of, you reserve the opportunity as the pioneer advertiser at our webpage at very attractive price.
We are one of the forum which offering the cheapest advertisement.
We will assure that your advertising are well spent.

Type (1)
Banner Advertisement
Ensure your advertisement become the main spot light of all visitors, a square box (sample as follows) to be place at the main page of the forum.

6 months - S$30 (only S$5 per month)
12 months - S$48 (only S$4 per month)

Type (2)
Stick Post
Your advertisement will be the highlight in the forum where the post will be placed at the first few of related thread. Thread or Categories can be opened upon your request. Allowing you unlimited posting of regular updates and promotions.

6 months - S$18 (only S$3 per month)
12 months - S$24 (only S$2 per month)

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