Monday, October 15, 2007

Suzuki SX4 Gallery

Suzuki SX4, one of the prettiest Suzuki in my opinion, after so many years and after the master piece of the Suzuki Swift. I guess Suzuki has improved in their design, any changes in their designer?
As a successor for Liana in Singapore, under same range and category, I guess SX4 has win the game in his outlook... while Liana has turned away many buyers from the show room without have any interest to ask further on the price and test drive (sorry for all Suzuki Liana's owner".

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Anonymous said...

The Suzuki SX4 is like a breath of fresh air on our roads. Very sporty hatchback, not snobbish in the way of the big SUVs (I'm big, you're small, get outta my way) but feels like a fun car that can be tough if it wants to.

A definite head-turner on the road.