Thursday, October 25, 2007

Lexus launches IS F in Japan

Lexus has announced that it will begin sales of the IS F in Japan starting on Dec 25, at a price of 7.66mil Yen (RM224,370).

Built to compete with the best Teutonic machines.The vehicle is powered by a 2UR-GSE 5.0l V8 D-4S direct injection four-stroke gasoline engine - which combines both port and direct fuel injection - offering more than 400bhp and 475Nm of torque.

Plenty of tips on this one ...Transmission type is an eight-speed Sport Direct Shift transmission, based on the eight-speed auto box in use on the LS460. A new torque-converter lock-up control allows for a direct, crisp gear change through the constant lock-up of the torque converter in second through eighth gears, allowing for more direct acceleration response.

Swanky interior, as befits the ride.Springs, shock absorbers, stabilisers and some other parts have been revised to provide both outstanding stability and agility. The specifically-designed Brembo braking system works with 14.2-inch perforated front discs and six-piston aluminium calipers, and 13.6-inch rear discs using two-piston calipers, with high-friction brake pads fitted all around.
In addition to 19-inch forged BBS aluminium wheels, the IS F uses large-diameter, wide 225/40R19 tires at the front and 255/35R19 tires at the rear for superior gripping performance, excellent handling and cruising stability.

The only thing shifty about the whole deal.The IS F features an all-new, three-mode version of the Lexus Vehicle Dynamics Integrated Management (VDIM) system. In addition to the Normal mode, this new version of VDIM features a Sport mode that allows the driver to push the car even further before its braking-, throttle- and steering-control systems kick in. The third VDIM system mode is "Off," which is explanatory.
The vehicle will be assembled at Toyota's Tahara Plant, and a monthly sales figure of 40 units has been targeted.

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