Friday, August 17, 2007

Mitsubishi Lancer EX Exterior Review

Is a Volvo
No is a Galant
No is Alpha Romeo
No is Mitsubishi EX !!!

Come with the combination design from various car models in the existing market, mainly benchmarking European car may be a good starting point for Mitsubishi.

The body of Mitsubishi EX using the latest popular design in the market of most of the Japanese cars such as Nissan Latio and Mazda 3. Mainly the entire length of the cars looks smaller with the short boot area. However, do not underestimate their cabin area although the car may be looks smaller, Lancer EX now come with the bigger cabin area as compared to version 2007/2006, by reducing the boot area of the car.

The front part of the car using the latest design and idea of Peugeot, with bigger air intake to cool its 2 Litre engine and potentially the next generation of Evolution X. Even though the front portion of the car also looks like Volvo, but with its fierce Galant eyes, it makes the entire car looks very garang and sporty.

Far from back, you will see a plain smooth back of the car without much design besides a Mitsubishi logo and the emblem of Lancer EX. It seems to be the improvement version of Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VII. With its tiny and thin break light, it really looks 80% like Alpha Romeo from far.

The colors options are limited to the standard color of Lancer which used to have, the maroon red again is another failure color. Perhaps Mitsubishi should consider to put up the Evo red to the Lancer body instead, or may be the intention is to differentiate Evo and Lancer. White is a good choice for the car if you want to make your car looks sporty and the popular purpleish grey will be the good choice for those who lazy to wash their car. Although black color is the most popular color for Lancer 2007, but to me the black color may not go well with EX, because of the plain design and a big flat surface especially at the back of the car.

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