Friday, August 17, 2007

Challenge Kota Bahru from 2 Different Roads !

Successfully challenge Kota Bahru from Singapore, using new road (from exit Simpang Pulai) to cross through the Cameron Highway and reached Gua Musang. From Gua Musang, going through the village old road and reached Kota Bahru, total distance from Singapore to Kota Bahru takes 7 hours.
When coming back from Kota Bahru, I drove through the West East Highway and reached Grik, from Grik drive down to Ipoh and entering North South Highway and reach Singapore, total distance take 11 hours (inclusive of dinner time, durian time, and photograph taking time)
Total journey for 4 days, running 1700km !

Titiwangsa Bridge at the middle of the West East Highway. A big pool of the lake at the middle and the top of the mountain, initial intention is to block the Communist activities in Malaysia early 70's 80's, the water was flowed in from the river to flood the entire mountain to make it a lake. A great view that you will never miss.

The kites selling at the Beach of Bulan Cinta at Kelantan facing the South China Sea .. a great view and windy place, clear sand and nice color of sky .. there are people riding horse on the sand... and drinking the fresh coconut water... wao !!!!
... and my lancer at the Buddist Temple at Kelantan ... who said Islamic state has no temple... more than 50 huge temples at Kota Bahru alone !!

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