Sunday, July 29, 2007

Toyota Vios at 150km/h

Very poor handling and light body which is the the causes of the shacky body and floating wheel. Without changing any suspension and strut bar, do not attempt to speed ur vios. Because I do think many people can handle it.
Good pickup but losing power at the end, low rpm at high speed a good sign for further room of more speed, but it take too long before the speed can go up further. Basically after 120km/h, Vios totally lost the end power...
Vios a only 100 meter runner.


Anonymous said...

Dun noob la...VIOS can run up to 200km.h poor handling is becuz u r poor not the car poor

Anonymous said...

YUP. Tried against a rx8 and we were almost neck in neck until after 120 the rx8 gained distance...Than again my vios was full tank!