Friday, July 20, 2007

Portable DVD at car

Portable DVD
I noticed that the DVD player selling in Car ICE Audio shop is much expensive as compared to the one selling at Sim Lim Square or Best Denki.

A normal 7" TFT portable DVD if you buy at ICE shop, it may cost you S$400 above, with installation. Autobac is selling the NextBase 7" at $399.00.However, if you purchase the DVD at Sim Lim, it will cost you only $150 and above.

A decent Philips portable DVD player which come with dual screen only selling at $399.00 at Best Denki, and a 8.5" Shinco only selling at $215.00.

No doubts may be the brand carry the price and nice installation work done by the shop, but to me, a double of the price is way too expensive.

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