Friday, May 04, 2007

Reasons to Buy Manual Car - Cheaper and Better

No matter how good is the technology of the car nowsaday, with steptronic or other enhancement, auto transmission car still unable to allow the driver to better control the car. In other words, the technology is still not smart enough to understand what is in the drive mind, the technology is still unable to "see" the road and to understand how is the car going to do next.

Manual transmission car allow driver the lower the gear from 5th to 3rd or even 2nd depends on what the drive wish to achieve. Manual transmission gear allow the driver to change gear during the sharp cornering depends on the situation, better handle and better pick up after the cornering. Of course, there are many more situation which we are unable to list them all here.

Manual transmission car tends to have lower petrol consumption as compared to auto transmission. In fact, this is some how related to the point mentioned above, the driver is able to better control the car by "hearing" the engine; when the driver need to lower the gear to change to next gear.

Manual transmission car is cheaper to maintain, from gear box to the overhaul. Even if the gear box is totally spoilt, it is even cheaper to replace a new one, have you ever asked your dealer how much your gear box cost, before you purchased the car? After asking the question, it will make you think twice whether you want to go ahead with auto transmission car. In addition, the entire car price is also cheaper as compared to the auto transmission.

There is one Taiwan guy come to Singapore and Malaysia, and he noticed that there are still Manual Transmission car on the road. He laughed and said: "I wonder why the technology in Singapore and Malaysia is so outdated, and there is still manual transmission car on the road, in Taiwan, all cars are auto transmission."
I said: "Only the people who drive the manual car is qualified to call as driver" I am not sure whether he understand the meaning behind, yes, you can only judge the real skill of the driver only if he drive the manual car.

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