Monday, May 14, 2007

Park Your Ambulance Properly

Venue:- Serangoon
Date:- 8 May 2006
Time:- 5.45pm
Reg No.:- Unknown
Car Model:- Unknown White Ambulance

White ambulance do not know how to park the vehicle properly?
This white ambulance has occupied more than 1 parking space. I believe first thing which come to reader minds is that this ambulance is rushing for something emergency and thats why the vehicle is not properly parked. I think the same way too, I thought that the driver might be rushing as it is emergency to save life.

However, I noticed that there is one Indian passenger without wearing any uniform relaxingly sitting at the passenger sit with his leg on top of the dashboard… about to smoke and playing his lighter with his index and middle fingers.

hmm.. from the way of the sitting posture, it tells me that this ambulance is not rushing for anything urgent obviously.

So please park your vehicle properly!!!

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