Sunday, May 06, 2007

Nitrous System

Nitrous systems also known as laughing gas, NOS, spray etc.. is used to get an immediate burst of power.There are several methods of putting on your car.

Dry spray - just NOS sprayed into the intake after the airfilter.Wet Single point - installed with a plate between throttle body and intake. Both NOS and fuel are sprayedThe best is:Wet Multi-point - more complicated. This is normally installed directly into the intake manifold just before the head. You need a nozzle per cyclinder. It is called wet as you have a line for fuel and a line for the Nitrous. This requires much more work to install but is the best.

But I highly recommend you also ad atleast 2 items. A window switch which prevents the NOS from spraying unless the RPM are within a specified range.A Wide Open Throttle (WOT) switch so the NOS only sprays when you have the pedal to the metal.

These are hooked up to a relay so you need both the specified RPM and WOT. This helps prevent blowing your motor.Professional systems also include a bottle heater to get the bottle pressure up around 1000 psi.. A pressure gauge for the driver to see so you know your bottle pressureA blow off valve to bleed off any excess pressure.This is not complicated to do, but I highly recommend you talk to an experience person so you get the system right.leaks are bad, and bending of the tubes takes patience.

Also check out NOS sites online and Summit Racing at http://www.summitracing.comNow days most places will only provide industrial grade Nitrious, DO NOT INHALE!!!! Medical grade usually requires a medical license to purchase.So how does it work. air has 21% Oxygen. Nitrious in the hot engine allows a saturation of 45% as it breaks down. It also cools the cylinder allowing higher compression. This higher oxygen content allows you to add more fuel to maintain optimal fuel air ratio... and boosts your power accordingly.Most kits come with restrictors for the jets called pills. Buy looking at the supplied info sheet you can adjust your pills to increase your NOS shot.

This is normally called off in HP like a 150 shot should increase power by 150 HP.Have fun... and don't get intimidated, just study up and ask a knowledgable mechanic for assistance and advice.I also recommend to get an entire kit from one supplier.

Lastly, please note of it is illegal to install nitrous system in Singapore, is a heavy penalty terms.

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