Thursday, May 17, 2007

Nitrous Express Oxide System NOS

Nitrous Express has the answers for your Electronic Fuel Injected car or truck. Whether it's for street use or for drag racing, the Nitrous Express "Next Generation" nitrous oxide systems are just the ticket. The Nitrous Express Stage One EFI systems are adjustable from 35-150hp. On the Dyno the Stage One systems will make within 2% of the advertised horsepower at the wheels. Stage One EFI Systems come complete ready-to-run and include:

10lb. Bottle W/High Flow Valve, Heavy Duty Bottle Mounting Brackets, Lifetime Guaranteed Large Solenoids, Heavy Duty 40 Amp Anti-Flyback Relay, 16 Foot Braided Feed Line, Nitrous Filter, Activation Switch & WOT Switch, Shark Nozzle, All neccessary jets for 35-150 HP settings & Complete detailed installation instructions.

Estimated price at S$968

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