Saturday, May 26, 2007

Guide for buying S$40K-S$60K Cars in Singapore (1)

Mitsubishi Lancer - Do not under estimate old technology

Mitsubishi Lancer definately a valuable car to consider. In my opinion, Lancer is one of the 1.6 Litre car which achieving the highest ratio of price over performance. Do not under estimate the line 4 old engine. The common topic for many salesman from other brands will say Lancer is using the old Line 4 engine, no VVT and etc, but issnt it the older the more reliable?

1) Old Design, almost obselete, new 2008 Lancer has been announced.
2) Small leg room for back passenger

1) Sporty looks
2) Many gadget to play with
3) Big room under bonnet
4) Big boot
5) Moderate petrol consumption

When you should consider Lancer?
1) You look for a Economic car (car price)
2) You like sporty looks
3) You like to play with the gadget and modifying
4) You prefer durable, reliable, powerful engine
5) You want a Made in Japan car

Toyota Vios - Extreme Pick up
Toyota Vios, one of the most common car on the road. Good petrol consumption is common for Toyota car, its light body weight made it a powerful car at the traffic light. A good pick up with its DOHC and VVT. Reasonable price while made in Thailand. The new looks of Vios has created Vios as the smaller version of the Camry.

1) Made in Thailand, heard of some quality issues
2) Very Very small cabin for passengers and driver
3) Light body, unsmooth travelling at high speed and malaysia highway.
4) Small room of engine space
5) Limited gadget for engine
6) Decent design and too common on the road, not much room for modifying. - no matter how you modify the body, Vios still a Vios.

1) Light body, good pick up
2) Good petrol consumption
3) Reliable engine

When you should consider Lancer?
1) You look for a Economic car (petrol)
2) You like decent looks car
3) You dont have big family, no need to send your mother in law to go shopping
4) You prefer reliable engine
5) You drive pretty slow (below 100km/h)

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