Friday, May 25, 2007

Careless Driver, Selfish People

Careless driver forgotten to pull the car hand-brake when he parked the car at the parking lot. After few minutes, the car slowly reversed back, due to uneven road condition at car park. The car kept reversing until it bang on the other car park at the opposite parking lot.

The most exciting part is there are a crowd standing around the car at the moment. The crowd saw the reversing car and keep shouting loudly, but no one has gone to stop the car. The speed of this moving car is slow, and it will easily managed to stop if some one has voluntary to help. The problem is no one has taken the initiative and what they know to do is shouting… sigh

Lesson learnt:-
1) Remember to pull handbrake
2) Make sure you know how to park your car before you drive
3) People nowsaday are selfish. Quite sad to see that, everyone will just 自扫门前雪 ... I witness this from my room.. they basically stand there and see the car move back very slowly and bang the van…. they just stand there and see and wait for policeman to come..这是什么社会???

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