Friday, May 18, 2007

Apexi Electronic and Mechanical Gauges

The APEXi EL System Meters symbolize a revolutionary movement in engine monitoring systems. Electro Luminescence (EL) technology allows the EL Gauge to glow in a light blue color for better visibility at night. All electronic meters feature real time 30 second needle playback mode, peak hold mode, user present warning feature and an optional output warning signal. Visual features also include hyper extended needle for easier reading, illuminated needle, high impact 60mm bezel, and stamped with the APEXi logo. Unlike other manufacturers that have separate bulky sending units, all APEXi meters are self contained within the meter. We utilize only OEM type sensors for ultimate reliability. APEXi electronic series meters are available in boost, EGT, pressure and temperature. Also available is the EL series mechanical boost meters in PSI or KPA. The newest addition to the EL Meter Series is the APEXi Tachometer.

This 120mm monster takes RPM monitoring to the next level. Using micro circuitry APEX kept eh units thickness to a minimum. The list of features include tell tale 30 second needle playback, Peak Hold Mode, 2 Stage Adjustable Warning, 7 Way Dim Adjustments and custom Mounting Bracket. Electro Luminescence lighting technology is used along with 0 - 12,000 RPM display. The unit can actually measure up to 12,700 RPM for the truly hardcore enthusiast. EL Tachometers can be used for vehicles equipped with 1 - 10 cylinders. Professional installation may be required.

Price from S$261 - S$584.00

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